I believe I have found Love
Not a romance one longs for
In the setting where the city towers are lit and the skyline glows so profoundly
Where one meets another and the universe’s energy flows and the two respond with a spark
No my love is complicated
It may be selfish and pity
For I found Love hidden in a reflection
The same reflection I’ve witnessed for many years in the rippling waters of the park
I can feel the emotions growing happiness soaring and the colors are bright and beautiful
I believe I have found Love
And as he stares back at me I know he feels it too
I believe I have found Love in me, for me
The expansion of emotions overflowing will effect the world
I left that little boy in a locked room with a single light
That boy is me and the me that has now grow into a man
A man who has never strayed from the dignity of the light the love the compassion for all things
But I feel it now were before i felt alone floating in the middle of life’s grand ocean
Love is masterful it hides until it’s time to expose the beholder to things not yet seen
Yes I’m in love
I love me and what I have become
I love me and the one I’ve yet to see.



Midnight brings the stardust,
Like rain across the lands,
Bringing to life all sorts of things,
That day hides within.
Pale yellow flower,
Standing without its stem,
Brings to life all the dreams,
That we,
Can not imagine.
Spirits of earth and fire,
The rhythm,
Of the beating drums,
Creates a euphoric atmosphere,
For the old,
And the young.
Chanting from the elder,
Dancing without sin,
Praying to the great spirit,
For tribe and unity.


The world is a pearl,
We’re all just bits of sand.
Clinging tightly to our shelter,
Inside the giant clam.
There’s more to it all,
Much more than what we see.
We all play a part in exposing
The pearl’s inner beauty.
While in search of love and laughter.
While searching for your own.
Remember that our pearl is alive,
And it’s dreaming on its own
It shelters us from the ocean
It keeps us from plunging down,
Into the abyss of darkness,
That lives all around.
And just like in the ocean,
There’s millions of other clams,
And if they open their galaxy,
You might find their,
Pearl within.


Beautiful Tyrant

I can see the door
It is not locked, nor is it closed
But to leave this dungeon is impossible
For my chains are strong
These chains that bind us are not made by man, but by something much more sinister
Oh but I long to be free
Free from the dying heart
Free from the abstract paintings that confine every beat and every thought
Love did not mislead me, my own swollen desire for love was my conductor
I’ve seen  the love that could be
A love so pure
It could kill the hate in any heart
A love so Luring
That I
Have become the fly in the web of fate
Oh to be free
I have requested death’s presence
But she also mocks me
She tramples on what is left
She’s leaves me with a stillness
A shortness of breathe
But she never takes me
She says my fate is not to die
But to find the strength within the mind where the Devine resides
So I wait and I wait
Not to parish but to find a key that will unlock the clasps that restrict my freedom
No I will not parish
So I wait

Did you ever feel the way i did it all

Rubbing your skin with mine. Fused me like honey, when it loses all the forces in water.

A big flash and I’m back in that hole I’ve dug to hide. I closed my eyes against the hot air and sweaty forehead. the past me, it rises. I’m sitting on my ghost. I feel the tears on her face regretting meeting herself.

Why is everything slipping away?

Why do I break away?

I reach through time and whisper to her”

This is just a cycle, you haven’t seen anything yet”

I’m waiting for you at your favorite cafe as usual as I am always supposed to. But after realizing the fact that I’m trash to you. I saw you with her thinking maybe, just maybe you can feel what I’m feeling. Maybe you guys are “just friends”

Would you do the same if I tell you your actions are hurting? I wonder if your gifts were just for compensation. I probably should’ve known this better. I look like a mass of dead sweaty bodies of people eating and laughing and not thinking how heartbroken they are. My mind is on repeat “Was I worth it to you?”

Never noticed your red flags but focused on your smooth lips was it what I punished for? and then you called me a slut. Is that how they raised you?or is that what she praised you for? Think about it. Think about what did k bound a fortress. I’ll never be the same. So, I’m cutting my losses.

What’s beyond the sphere we’re on,
Out in the sea of darkness?
Could there be a place where we,
Can show our love and kindness?

Where the stars do shine all the time,
Leaving the gloom in dismay.
Could we be truly free,
And ride the moon’s pale rays?

Beyond the reach of the galaxy we teach,
In a place not known by man.
To find that time, might be behind,
And our backs to the solar winds.

What’s beyond the sphere we’re on,
Should I even dare to ask?
There might not be a peaceful creed,
But there could be a love that lasts.

Please stand clear of the blackened sphere
A place where matter goes to die.
But aren’t you just a little curious,
To know whats lies on the other side?

To stand among the chosen ones,
Where peace will forever reign.
The hole of death could be the best,
Path we could ever take.

What’s beyond the sphere we’re on?
This, I may never know.
Yes indeed I’d like to see,
What’s out in the great unknown.


Awake my beauty, raise your single sail
Let’s leave the comfort of your harbor
Leave behind your worries as well
Overboard lies the sea of dreams
Where time can even stand still

You say that time has escaped you
On route to finding yourself
Under a blanket of misery
Retaining the pain as well

Secure your right for passage
On the sea that never ends
Under your velvet blanket
Lies the key to the door within

Inhale the loving aroma
That enchants this world now
So don’t fall victim to the dreamer’s hell

Find the love you had as a child
Rewind those forgotten years
Evade the pain of misery
Embrace your life With cheer
Down the sea of dreams
On a voyage to find yourself
Mend your soul and forget all the rest


They say that life is unpleasant,
It’s filled with more downs than ups,
But if you see the good in downs,
It makes it easier to stand back up.
They say that life is unfair,
Not all accomplish their dreams,
But if you can learn to except defeat,
It opens doors to a whole swarm of things.
For if you stand on the sidelines,
Waiting for your day to come,
It’s possible that you’ll get lucky,
And then the ups will have a greater sum.
If you can see defeat,
As just another lesson in life,
The success that it can bring you,
Can turn the darkness into light.
Life is not overrated,
It’s filled with all our hopes and dreams,
With just a little patience and dedication
Life can be whatever you want it to be.